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My Bad!

2014-12-31 21:31:13 by javarush214

sorry guys i uploaded the wrong version of shifter, the one with the uneditted revisions, anyway im currently uploading the correct version right now. it will be up soon so check it out when it's out! Sorry again and thank you for the support and heartwarming comments i received from my work. Ill be making more animations, you can expect that and ofcourse im taking note of all the comments negative or positive. Our next animation may take long, it's a very ambitious one, but the story is great, the designs are great and so is the setting of it's world I hope we finish it! again thank you guys!

-Jerico Fuentes

Youtube partnership!

2011-12-02 06:40:32 by javarush214

I have just been offered a chance to be a youtube partner by David Spates, Here's his channel ( eealittle)

he liked my animations specially demigods, so he offered me the opportunity to make collabs with him, what's going to happen is he will narrate a story and i will animate it, but of course with the added benefit of earning money from the number of views. I already signed my contract, and now my channel is partnered up with youtube :D

i hope you could check out my future videos and animations, wish me luck that all this goes well.. :D


Wow front paged and daily first for Demigods!

2011-09-27 08:08:03 by javarush214

Wow. Im really happy that i got front paged and daily first. this is my first work that was awarded!

I just think right now that the sleepless nights and bloodshot moments was worth it.

thank you guys for your support in demigods

also thanks to Tom Fulp for the great help in reducing the swf size


Im that guy in the pic right now

Wow front paged and daily first for Demigods!

Demigod teaser is out

2011-08-18 22:40:18 by javarush214

so i made the demigod teaser but im not gonna release it here in NG yet. im gonna release the official trailer here soon.

anyways comment subscribe like share it and enjoy. :) 4xkc


2011-05-03 09:43:54 by javarush214

as you see i havent posted here in 2 years... jst to give you guys a headsup im gonna show you a screenshot of my animation demigod..

it runs for 4 mins. and right now i anmated 75% of it im gonna release a trailer as soon as it's 90 or 95% done. but for now this is all i can show you :)


now im starting to get interested in animating again, this time i could feel what it feels to be in an animation team, we are gonna make an animation about 3 boys who gets sucked in the world of gaming and regrets why they havent done their 50 page essay instead..

as soon as we submit it in the contest ill submit it here... and damn ill be doing all the animation.. anyways its gonna be fun..


2009-04-01 22:44:33 by javarush214

the new background hurts my eyes... i liked the old background more, for me the BG shouldnt be changed just for one country (no offense to china) because different races visit this site.. and seriously.. again it hurts my eyes..

and dude? why the fuck is my rank icon the president of china? too much kissing ass!! damn..

and the thing i hate most is... why the fuck cant i view the submissions 17 above? i couldnt view prostitute mickey anymore, flecko's halloween, etc.. damn this is... annoying...


2009-02-18 09:09:47 by javarush214

I have finished chapter 2 now.. and im gonna start working on chapter 3 by tomorrow..

this time the story of raizen would be told.. and a new character will appear..

also we will find out, why the hell raizen is stuck in that alien ship, and why was he bitten by venomancer..

RAIZEN part 2

2009-02-01 18:39:44 by javarush214

Yes it's coming.. and other than that.. its not just a stick animation anymore it's on fullbody... this would be my first fullbody animation in flash but i guarantee you people that this would be a great animation even though it's my first..

ok here's a little summary of raizen 2

Raizen becomes infected by venomancer's virus, and he rampages through out the whole facility.. will he ever regain his true self again? will he be able to get out of the facility? or would he never find himself inside the void that trapped his true self.. better stay tuned for more updates..

RAIZEN part 2


2008-07-30 06:02:09 by javarush214

oh yeah it's here! but ill post it after a week because i need it to be approved by crazy jay first in spp.. after that ill upload it here !!!!

just a few more weeks..