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Youtube partnership!

2011-12-02 06:40:32 by javarush214

I have just been offered a chance to be a youtube partner by David Spates, Here's his channel ( eealittle)

he liked my animations specially demigods, so he offered me the opportunity to make collabs with him, what's going to happen is he will narrate a story and i will animate it, but of course with the added benefit of earning money from the number of views. I already signed my contract, and now my channel is partnered up with youtube :D

i hope you could check out my future videos and animations, wish me luck that all this goes well.. :D



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2011-12-02 09:39:10

Good luck :D

javarush214 responds:

thanks :D


2011-12-02 09:39:27

Demigods was really really awesome

javarush214 responds:

thank you :)


2011-12-03 18:31:03

Dude, that's awesome! Congrats! I'll be sure to check out your future vids!

javarush214 responds:

thanks man. it might take some time though since work takes a lot of my time away from animation


2012-02-12 12:19:52

Congratulations man, who would've thought such a sweet opportunity would arise from such a movie?


2012-10-20 03:31:12

good luck with ya opportunity bro


2012-11-28 18:15:59

Thats cool. Im subscribed to him and have you favorited whadayaknow about that!
youre a good animator! I like your stuff
Its good to hear that you have a partnership.